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Name:Diana Ethelbert
Birthdate:Jan 1
Name: Diana Ethelbert.
Aliases: Julia Hendrickson, Harriet Lee, Ulyana Petrova, I Zack Neu Ton.
Age: 13.
Residency: 913 Bilko Boulevard with [info]N ("Father"), [info]Fujiwara no Mokou ("Mother"), NPC!sibling and [info]Nall ("Pet").
Eye color: Blue.
Hair color: Black.
Height: 5'3''.
Weight: 112 pounds.
Skin color: Pale.
Nationality: British.
Features: Bangs hang in eyes sometimes, starting to develop bags underneath eyes, slouches a bit when not in public.
Health: In good standing, though has poor stamina and endurance.


Main Language: British English. She tries her best to not put in any British slang in her speaking patterns, as it will inevitably get lost in translation.
Second Language(s): German, Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish, Korean (reads Hangul), Mandarin and Cantonese. (Due to how she's a business mogul in training, she either had tutors teach her the languages she'd need to communicate effectively in the business world or took it upon herself to learn the languages necessary. She probably wouldn't learn languages that are only useful in one or two countries outside of their homeland, either.)

Voice: Victoria Harwood, albeit younger sounding.
Alignment: Neutral Good with some ChaoticTendencies.

Mun: Liz.
Personal journal: [info]advancing
Contact information: [AIM] Rafflesia Sky, [plurk] playagame.

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